Generate Leads and Sales with Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, which is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through SEO and primarily pay-per-click (PPC) efforts, is essential for any business. According to 99firms, nearly 93 percent of all web traffic comes through search engines and Google accounted for 75.74 percent of worldwide desktop and laptop searches in August 2019 as well as 86.11 percent of mobile search traffic. This makes Google AdWords a great opportunity for companies who want to get in front of potential customers by using a focused approach to their sales and marketing.

To many business owners, every cent spent on marketing is one that could have been used elsewhere; so, when valuable dollars are invested in a PPC campaign, assurance that the results will make it worth it is needed. Whether you have an existing account or are trying AdWords or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for the first time, our marketing team, who is certified in AdWords by Google, takes a targeted approach in its PPC efforts, building focused ad campaigns that are directed at clearly defined demographics.

Advertising with PPC has many benefits which include displaying in search queries that you fail to appear organically though SEO, reaching new audiences, having more control over who you want to see your ads and knowing precise ROI. If you already advertise with PPC and would like to achieve better results, our team will do a deep review of your advertising performance to understand where you are running into pitfalls. Our analysis will review the structure of your campaigns and ad groups, the keywords for each ad group, the negative keywords for each ad group and campaigns, ad text and extensions, the landing pages for ads within ad groups, bidding strategies, your location targeting and ad scheduling as well as conversion tracking.

With every active PPC client, we provide daily monitoring, reviewing results, making the needed adjustments to optimize ROI and giving weekly performance reports. We will also have a monthly conference call with your marketing team to review performance and discuss changes.

Our Team is Certified by Google In:

AdWords Search, AdWords Display, AdWords Video and AdWords Shopping

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