We create an effective SEO strategy to boost brand awareness

An effective SEO strategy is the difference between a business being easily found online and getting lost in the noise of thousands of other businesses trying to grab the attention of consumers. Business owners who bear the stress of attempting search engine optimization on their own can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that is out there–how many ranking factors are there, what are they and how do they affect a website? The truth is that the world of SEO isn’t an exact science. There isn’t a formula or checklist that one can follow that takes him or her from point A to point B; and, in addition to there being hundreds of factors that could affect rankings, every website isn’t affected by the same factors. As one could imagine, things can quickly become complicated.

In reality, SEO actually is pretty simple when you view it from a strategic perspective, drawing success from putting together certain strategies that combine a strong-structured website and engaging content. Businesses who rely on experienced experts in SEO who know these strategies and how pieces support each other see improvements in rankings from changes to their websites that provide tremendous value to readers, build your authority and brand value and distribute your content across new channels.

The key to any effective SEO strategy is knowing who your target audience is; everything relies on it. If this isn’t defined, then you don’t know who you are marketing to. To go hand in hand with this, your website’s content and structure is just as important. From the way you organize the pages of your website to how you structure and optimize your content, a strong SEO plan includes researching which keywords to target and then optimizing your content and structuring the hierarchy of your pages to be effective for search engines and visitors alike. Many SEO experts believe that, much like it does with AdWords, Google could consider how visitors engage with your website in order to determine where it should rank. This makes having every page of your website as engaging as possible to propel them to share it with others crucial to your SEO performance.

To determine where you might be losing visitors, we also look at your Google Analytics to not only see where visitors come from but where they’re leaving as well as your Google Search Console to review possible crawl errors. If a high percentage of people are visiting your website and then immediately leaving, you may be ranking for irrelevant terms or your site design may be too complicated–this includes visitors’ experiences on mobile devices. We will help you determine what people are trying to accomplish and then look at ways you can make that easier.

How we vitalize your website with search engine optimization

Use a series of SEO applications, including Google Analytics and Google Search Console, to gather information about your website and your competitors

Scan domain for meta information and other errors and check page optimization scores for keywords

View traffic data, examine user flow and engagement

View sitemap, crawl stats and errors and robots.txt, review links to the site and internal links and check search appearance information

Review sitemap hierarchy, page titles, descriptions and other meta information, pages and content and how they work with each other

Examine the speeds of the home page and landing pages as well as the experience of the entire website on mobile devices